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Joking About Child Abuse in a Restaurant Review?!

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I like edgy. I get snarky. Humor that goes beyond politically correct is just fine with me. But using a joke about child abuse to open a restaurant review is just sick.

In business, there comes a point at which you need to shake things up,
unless of course your business is babysitting.
Thrilllist review of DC’s Degrees Bistro
(Read the full review )

Child abuse, and particularly shaken baby syndrome, isn’t funny.

Head trauma from shaken baby syndrome is the most common cause of traumatic death for infants under the age of 1. It can lead to a host of issues such as brain damage, mental retardation, epilepsy, sight issues and learning disabilities. (Educating new parents cuts shaken baby syndrome, CNN Health)

Writing, I know, is hard. Everyone wants – but often fails – to be funny. How many Groupon and LivingSocial listings do I groan at daily because of the author’s feeble attempt to make a manicure or restaurant or photo framing deal sound hilarious? Stop trying so hard to be witty and just tell me about the damn deal, please!

Restaurant reviews, too, are challenging. Especially if you’re writing a lot of them and getting them published is how you pay your rent. But how low do you have to stoop to get attention? Are there any laughs that are too cheap? Come on, you can do better than this. (And if you can’t, go to night school and learn a nice trade or something, please.)

I can’t image that Degrees Bistro will be posting this review on its wall. Let’s hope Thrilllist does us all a favor and takes it off their site, too.

I sent them a little note via their Contact box. (Feel free to do the same.)

Starting a restaurant review with a joke about child abuse isn’t funny or edgy, it’s sick. Please consider passing that along to the author of the Degrees Bistro review. I think he (or she) may need some help.
Or maybe just a good editor with a little common sense and tact.

Find more information shaken baby syndrome, see the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome website at


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October 25, 2011 at 3:34 pm

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